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We should be doing more to prepare for the next pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, it is important to not only deal with the present reality but also to think ahead. And on the latter score it is instructive to read the words of Michael T. Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota: What should…

A letter to express my gratitude during COVID-19

Like most of us in long-term care, Creekwood Place Nursing & Rehab was not expecting COVID-19. But we, like our counterparts throughout the country, are managing it. Creekwood Place Nursing & Rehab is located in Russellville, KY, a rural town of just over 7,000 people in southwest Kentucky. Creekwood Place is a 104-bed skilled nursing…

The good old days: When germs were good

My household smells like the inside of a swimming pool. Literally, only Clorox will do. Walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchen, even in the laundry. Everyone here has some piece of clothing that has suffered with the proof shown in spot, discoloration and fading.

Useless PPE befitting federal nursing home neglect

According to Paraprofessional Health Institute data, there were 581,000 nursing assistants working in nursing homes in 2018. Their median wage was just $13.38 an hour. Ninety-two percent were women, and the workforce is predominantly comprised of people of color — 37% are Black. Perhaps these demographics make it easier for some policymakers to marginalize these essential workers. They…

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