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Herb Hildebrandt Ph.D., Hl.D. of Trinity Health’s Glacier Hill’s senior living facility

Someone to thank during pandemic: the ‘founder’ of handwashing

Few of us paused July 17, 2019, to recognize a significant birth laying a substantial helping in controlling the COVID-19 virus. That event was the birth of an individual who’s seminal heritage appeared in children’s chalk on sidewalks, store windows, flags, billboards, etc. All became embedded in many of us. That date and recognition ceremonies around the…

Setting minds and hearts at ease: a clinician’s guide to end-of-life-care conversations

Having honest conversations with long-term care residents about their end-of-life wishes should always be a priority for primary care physicians, specialists and facility clinicians. The COVID-19 pandemic illustrates the timeliness and value of these crucial discussions.   Around the world, heartbreaking news stories describe nursing home, assisted living and long-term care residents who are dying…

Masks change everything

Now that small respiratory droplets created by human speech have been found to hang out in the air for more than eight minutes, requiring masks in long-term care and any other setting where people congregate seems like a no-brainer.

The case for COVID-19 nursing homes

As the month of May opened, the Navy’s hospital ship “Comfort” departed Manhattan, having housed fewer than 200 patients over 3 ½ weeks, and the state of New York announced plans to close temporary field hospitals after little usage. The temporary hospitals had been constructed to ease pressure on hospitals and help absorb projected surges of…

John Reinhart

Three solutions embraced during the COVID-19 crisis that could be used to expand our clinical workforce

The COVID-19 crisis has been extremely challenging for those organizations and healthcare professionals who offer services to our “at risk” population especially our seniors. Our elderly members of our society continually cope with physical and emotional challenges of aging, but, like everyone, they seek to experience a good quality of life with quality care when they…

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