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Rehab Realities by Renee Kinder

Providers, are you asking, ‘Show me your therapy minutes’?

It is a simple ask. It is the right ask. Show me your therapy minutes. The COVID-19 pandemic appears to have provided a bit of a pause to the anticipated review and audits we all anticipated seeing associated with PDPM. The pandemic, of course, came at a time when the industry also saw the largest…

Finding Joy in everyday teaching

Confession: I was a terrible student until Joy Tilley rocked my 14-year-old mind with her lessons and passion for the perfect, five-paragraph essay. Awful student I was. Never completed homework. Never did a project (nor did my parents “for me” by the way) Could not sit still or focus. My mind was, and still is,…

2021 and writing your COVID-19 elegy

If you are an avid reader, or even if you are not, you have likely heard of “Hillbilly Elegy.” The book was written by J.D. Vance and has subsequently been turned into a movie on Netflix ripe with creative attempts to mimic the sing-song nature of a Eastern Kentucky accent.  That inflection that is deeply…

Spring cleaning in the air

Spring is in the air.  I feel it. I see it. It must be coming. My 11-year-old, Joseph, said it best over the weekend … “Mommy there is something different about the smell of the air outside, it brings back memories for me, like winter will soon be over.” We were outside this weekend for…

I0020B coding: The right message at the right time

Ever receive the exact right message at the right time? It happened to me last night at 9:21 p.m. EST. A simple email of thanks and kindness landed in my inbox. A thanks, really at that time undeserved, and while I was in a panic over an errored ICD-10 coding report I had created for…

Driving in the rearview: Risks of retrospective review

As we shift gears into 2021, we can all agree, no one wants to look back. You see the theme everywhere. People want to evolve and learn from 2020. However, no one wants to go in reverse. Driving in the rearview is never a good idea. Thank goodness for automatic brakes, that forced reminder to…

2021: The Rest of the Story

Paul Harvey on the radio in the mornings was not something I appreciated as a child. We lived on a farm outside of town. My mom, a reporter, always had to be at work early, and the long, crack-of-dawn car rides to school often included tales from “The Rest of the Story.” Living on the…

Person-centered kindness, lessons from CMS

Tuesday night pizza at the Kinder home while watching election returns somehow brought up the phrase “choose kindness.” Just the right message we all need.

PDPM facts and when not to read between the lines

Therapy providers and teams need to have a fundamental understanding of how their coding practice, clinical trending and reimbursement levels compare to others in their state and across the nation.

The Derby days of summer

We are one week ahead of a historic Kentucky Derby, and I ask you: Is your rehab provider wearing blinders?

The good old days: When germs were good

My household smells like the inside of a swimming pool. Literally, only Clorox will do. Walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchen, even in the laundry. Everyone here has some piece of clothing that has suffered with the proof shown in spot, discoloration and fading.

Therapy and the COVID fog

COVID-19, we are navigating your blinding and winding path and will arise from grips stronger than ever.
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