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Rehab Realities by Renee Kinder

PDPM facts and when not to read between the lines

Therapy providers and teams need to have a fundamental understanding of how their coding practice, clinical trending and reimbursement levels compare to others in their state and across the nation.

The Derby days of summer

We are one week ahead of a historic Kentucky Derby, and I ask you: Is your rehab provider wearing blinders?

The good old days: When germs were good

My household smells like the inside of a swimming pool. Literally, only Clorox will do. Walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchen, even in the laundry. Everyone here has some piece of clothing that has suffered with the proof shown in spot, discoloration and fading.

Therapy and the COVID fog

COVID-19, we are navigating your blinding and winding path and will arise from grips stronger than ever.

Therapy and telehealth: Success and challenges

If at first you don’t succeed, keep justifying yourself until you get a win from federal regulators. That has to be the mantra for therapy providers and others during this pandemic.

Patients first: Do the little things right

Providing the right care for our nursing home should be a little thing. Not a big thing, not a struggle, not a herculean task battling red tape in your organization, and one that should allow us to use basic human common sense.

COVID-19 and the impact on swallow

Thankfully, post-acute care focus on swallow assessment and rehabilitation has improved since the implementation of the Patient Drive Payment Model.

Seeking paradise in a pandemic

When will we ever see paradise again? It may be staring you in the face already, or just around the corner.

Change, it doesn’t have to be hard

We have all heard “change is hard.” But I am here to tell you that with some purposeful planning, it doesn’t have to be.
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