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CMS clarifies long-term care quality review in managed care models

CMS needs better abuse oversight for nursing homes: GAO

The Government Accountability Office alleges that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has yet to enforce several of its recommendations after a GAO report found oversight gaps in abuse reporting requirements for nursing homes.

Editors' Notes

Will nursing facilities soon be forced to post prices too?

We are reading and hearing much these days about how skilled care operators need to adapt for future success. Align with healthcare systems, some experts say. Keep residents out of hospitals, others caution. Find a specialized service and be the best in the neighborhood at it, still others advise. Will these and other strategies spell…

“In other words, hedonism and elegance must co-mingle with economically successful private lives of individuals, and the reverse.”

Herbert Hildebrandt, Ph.D. HI.D., Guest Columns, November 15