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Neville M. Bilimoria is a partner in the Chicago office of the Health Law Practice Group at Duane Morris LLP;

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Federal court rules against nursing home immunity

On Oct. 16, a federal court issued an opinion that greatly limits federal immunity protections for nursing homes. The case of Sherod v. Comprehensive Healthcare Management Services, LLC, should be on all providers’ radar. In the case in question, a nursing home, Brighton Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, could not claim preemption and federal immunity under…

And now, how about some good news for a change?

Finally, some good news about nursing homes and COVID-19! That was my first thought when I read that nursing homes were to be receiving $333 million for improved outcomes due to successful COVID-19 practices in the month of September.  This real improvement is great news, but it is hardly surprising. Almost 77% of nursing homes…

New CARES Act provider relief fund rules change the process … again!

Back in August, I wrote an article about the ever-changing nature of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services rules surrounding use of the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund monies by health care providers. Well guess what? HHS changed them again.   On Sept. 19, HHS published additional guidance called “Post-Payment Notice of Reporting Requirements.”…

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