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A caregiver named Sammy

It is not an unusual story. A 90-year-old man suddenly is having trouble breathing, his heart is enlarged, and his kidneys are slowing down in their functioning. A care conference is called and the family, along with the elderly man discuss options for treatment or not. In the end, the decision is made to not…

Pebble in your shoe

I will admit that I am a fair-weather flip-flop type of walker. My toes are the happiest when they can wave at the sky and the ground with each step I take. Yet, the other day, each step was uncomfortable. I did the regular shaking of the foot, thinking I had sent the causation of…

Marti Moore

When implicit bias harms the elderly

He says he stumbled. Others think that something happened in his brain to cause the fall. Whatever the cause, he fell and fell hard, hitting the bedroom dresser straight on. He was unconscious, but that was missed. He fractured his neck but that was missed several times. The cervical discs shifted from being fractured and…

Marti Moore

Now is the time to remove the slippers

The noise overhead was deafening. I had relocated to the basement as the roofers tore off old and added new. Because of schedule delays, the roofing project careened into a day when I was scheduled to present virtually.  Chaos and noise surrounded me. Knowing I needed to be attentive, I grabbed my earbuds and plugged…

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