Daily Editors' Notes

Daily Editors’ Notes

Elizabeth Newman, Senior Editor

New opioid guidelines arrive not a moment too soon


Following my C-section earlier this year, I was fortunate to be able to access heavy-duty pain medication. Until we discovered my pain pump wasn’t working. That was unfortunate, but luckily I was young(ish), in good health(ish) and had a new baby. But as AMDA – The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care (PALTC) Medicine President…

Marty Stempniak, Staff Writer

Betting on a deluxe hospitality mindset for skilled nursing

Maybe the key to excelling in today’s skilled nursing landscape lies in looking toward the best practices of restaurants and hotels, rather than your competitors. That’s at least part of the mindset for Tim Fields, who is the CEO and cofounder of Ignite Medical Resorts. The Illinois company has championed the use of what it…

What we can learn from POLST data


On the heels of my colleague James M. Berklan’s discussion about how little we know about our loved ones’ preferences for end-of-life care, there’s a sign of progress in Oregon.

Marty Stempniak, Staff Writer

It’s time to #BrightenUpLTC

Here at McKnight’s, we set out to fill each day’s newsletter with information, opinion and analysis that help skilled nursing operators do their jobs better. Sometimes that includes shedding light on a way not to do something. As a result, we all might wind up learning about — and from — a staff member creatively…

Like father, like son

It was only fitting that a fabulous “New Yorker” video called “The Blessings of Aging,” popped onto my screen Tuesday. You need to make sure it pops up on your screen too.

Don’t forget trauma-informed care


Even as we support those brave healthcare providers who kept residents and patients safe during the California wildfire that killed dozens, we can’t lose sight for one second those who survive. They will carry lingering scars.

There’s something about Larry

Thanks to years of struggling with “simple” tasks, I have come to loathe those who make the difficult look easy. That’s especially the case where writing is concerned. Now that I have just read his first book, “Hallowed Ground,” I should probably hate Larry Minnix. Where does he get off delivering elegant insight after elegant…

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