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Daily Editors' Notes headshots, July 2019

The biggest question about PDPM going forward

Having survived the fall 2019 long-term care convention season is no small feat if you’ve been on the road as much as some of the staunch LTC professionals I’ve seen over the past two months. For many, now is the time to get back to work “at home” and prepare for the future — a…

Enough with the talk: Get on with this LTC difference maker

You might know the job has gotten under your skin when you find certain urges taking over. Take, for example, debating late at night. In a bar. In a beautiful place like San Diego. And the topic is the merits of telemedicine. Flight of fancy or long-term care savior? It happened earlier this week when…

PDPM: They’ve only just begun

I don’t know about you, but with all the hype during the run-up to PDPM implementation on Oct. 1, it’s beginning to feel a little like the morning of the third-grade Halloween party.
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