Daily Editors' Notes

Daily Editors’ Notes

Daily Editors' Notes
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COVID-19 fact finding

Several months after the first outbreak in a nursing home near Seattle, we have finally gotten our arms around some indisputable facts regarding this virus,
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What the mask really means

I recently returned from a week’s vacation to Northern Michigan, one of my favorite places. One issue in particular, however, troubled this trip.

Feeling disrespected? You ain’t seen anything yet

If you’re tempted to bypass this blog because you want to start the weekend on a brighter note, I wouldn’t blame you. But then again, weekends are a central theme to what’s going to hurt so much more in the future. I’m afraid Monday’s announcement of possible future penalties for infection control deficiencies is going…
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Heroes leading long-term care’s charge

This week, the History Channel ran a three-part series on General Ulysses S. Grant. I became a fan of Grant recently after reading the autobiography “Grant” by Ron Chernow, author of other massive tomes on other major historical figures, such as Alexander Hamilton, on which the famous musical is based.   It’s hard not to admire…
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The reopening dilemma

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services on Monday issued new guidance on when nursing homes should be open to visitors. Among the criteria: testing of residents and staff to make sure COVID-19 is not present; and inspections for those facilities that have had outbreaks.

Want to be like Fauci? Here’s your chance

I’d be willing to bet Dr. Anthony Fauci’s poll numbers rank ahead of almost any other serious figure in the public eye. And why not? He is a man of science and says his principles guide him. It is not infrequent when he disagrees with his boss. Sometimes he keeps quiet about it, biting his…
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