Daily Editors' Notes

Daily Editors’ Notes

Don’t forget trauma-informed care

Even as we support those brave healthcare providers who kept residents and patients safe during the California wildfire that killed dozens, we can’t lose sight for one second those who survive. They will carry lingering scars.

There’s something about Larry

Thanks to years of struggling with “simple” tasks, I have come to loathe those who make the difficult look easy. That’s especially the case where writing is concerned. Now that I have just read his first book, “Hallowed Ground,” I should probably hate Larry Minnix. Where does he get off delivering elegant insight after elegant…
Marty Stempniak, Staff Writer

What Election Day may spell for skilled care

We’ve been talking about it for months and now the day of reckoning has almost arrived: Election Day is just one week away, and the stakes could be very high for the skilled nursing crowd. The makeup of Congress and the Senate swing in another direction, leading to possible reshaping of Medicare and Medicaid policy,…

Take a look at your state ballot items

You might be weighing whom to vote for in your House, Senate or gubernatorial races. But Iit’s equally important for long-term care readers to take a look at their respective state ballot items, as many could affect residents or employees.

The practical elements of HIE

While long-term care has long discussed the importance of health data exchanges, it’s rare to be able to give concrete examples of how it makes a patient — or provider’s — life better.
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