Daily Editors' Notes

Daily Editors’ Notes

Daily Editors' Notes

Nursing home staffing headed for more scrutiny

When a government watchdog decides it wants to investigate you, it’s usually not going to be content with a “No fire here, folks!” conclusion. Nobody knows that better than nursing home operators. And so we unfold the latest Office of Inspector General investigation into skilled nursing staff levels, which came out Monday. In brief, nearly…

A push in the right direction for long-term care

Crises have tendencies to expose fault lines. This pandemic has been no different. Take long-term services and supports. The cracks were there, but it took a massive emergency, i.e., COVID-19, to lay them bare, suggests a recent blog post in HealthAffairs written by the The SCAN Foundation’s Bruce Allen Chernoff and Cindy Mann. What are…

Providers, are you ready for the fight of your life?

As lawmakers consider the next COVID-19 relief package, a critical hurdle stands in the way: liability protection. At issue is how and whether providers (as well as other businesses, schools and nonprofits) should be insulated against pandemic-related lawsuits. Republicans want a substantial liability shield put in place. Democrats say that’s ridiculous. The possible implications remind…
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Winter is coming

This pandemic has shifted our perspective like few things have done before. Now, here we are, at the end of July, hitting milestones such as 4 million U.S. cases and other depressing records.  And as we sit in this otherworldly COVID-19 time warp with no vaccine in sight, we also are now looking ahead to…
James M. Berklan, Editor

It’s not all bad news

Even during the best of times, long-term care professionals may feel like they’re under siege. After a while, it can be easy to believe the over-generalizers who claim that “all” the news is bad. The beanstalk of bad vibes can rocket skyward when you sprinkle in pandemic conditions. But it’s not all bad news out…

It’s time for you to brag

The tough news is the COVID-19 pandemic has tested long-term care facilities like never before. The great news is providers have responded like never before.

OSHA has your back – for now

It’s no secret that most operators have been struggling lately. The coronavirus has hammered this field in almost every way possible. Thousands of residents and staff have perished, with the prospect of more to come. The task of finding adequate protective equipment has ranged from being extremely difficult to being virtually impossible. Costs for almost…
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COVID-19 fact finding

Several months after the first outbreak in a nursing home near Seattle, we have finally gotten our arms around some indisputable facts regarding this virus,
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What the mask really means

I recently returned from a week’s vacation to Northern Michigan, one of my favorite places. One issue in particular, however, troubled this trip.
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