Daily Editors' Notes

Daily Editors’ Notes

Elizabeth Newman, Senior Editor

Cameras highlight new ethical challenges

Elizabeth Newman Before I had a child, I know I rolled my eyes at parents who installed cameras in stuffed animals in order to monitor their babysitter. While I still would never do that, I’ve become more sympathetic to those who worry about their loved ones, especially when those family members aren’t able to talk.…

What PDPM really stands for

If you’ve toiled around the skilled nursing field and been awake at the same time over the last year, you might have noticed there’s this PDPM thing that seems to be grabbing a lot of attention.

PDPM: Here’s what you really need to know

The federal government is promoting its updated Medicare payment system as a change that will ensure two benefits. The first is better care. The second is reduced costs. Anyone who thinks those two goals will receive equal treatment is either naïve, or not paying attention.
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