Daily Editors' Notes

Daily Editors’ Notes

Daily Editors' Notes

It’s time to notice the roses, thorns and buds

The most physically demanding thing I’ve ever done is backpack in the Rocky Mountains for about two weeks in raw conditions with energetic youngsters 30 years younger than me. There was extreme heat, snow, arduous hauling of everything we needed on our backs — and uncertainty every day. Add in elevations above 10,000 feet, and…

The COVID-19 journey: Two providers’ stories

To better understand how the imminent COVID-19 vaccines will affect this sector, you merely need to talk to those in the field — people like Administrator Hayley Boutte, administrator of Maison Teche Nursing Center in Jeanerette, LA, and Assistant Administrator Sophia Brown of Mountain View Manor in Bryson City, NC. These providers have had different…

Long-term care headed for a high-proof shot of reality?

I was taught long ago that liquor has a way of magnifying something that’s already there.  A truly happy person will becomes extremely jocular and gregarious when drunk. On the other hand, an innately unhappy person will become a mean or abusive drunk. America, safe to say, is in the midst of a heck of…
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