Daily Editors' Notes

Daily Editors’ Notes

Daily Editors' Notes

Time to roll up those sleeves and mandate vaccines

For the last month or so, we’ve spotlighted successes from the COVID-19 vaccine front, trying to understand which strategies truly help providers drive up acceptance rates. Even the smallest details appear critical when it comes to staff acceptance, which continues to lag behind residents’ by double digits nationally. Yet the detail that gets me is…

A new perspective on age-old, old-age issues

For nearly a decade, my freelance writing career included plenty of articles about chronic wounds, payment reform and pretty much anything else skilled-nursing related. Surely, I thought, I’d mastered enough acronyms and regulatory nuances to hold my own in most any conversation about long-term care. Then came the final weekend before the start of my…

Vaccine deniers reveal a troubling reality

In a world where good judgment rules, almost everyone would want protection against a deadly virus. Clearly, that’s not the world we live in. While two COVID-19 vaccines have been developed and more are on the way, many among us remain content to take their chances. A recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey of healthcare workers…

COVID-19 lawsuits: the ‘onslaught’ is coming, providers

I received my first speeding ticket on the way to see “Risky Business” at the theater when it first came out. Cruising over a hill on a country road after picking up a couple of friends, I never had a chance. My driving might have been a little risky but there was nothing chancey about…

Say it again. The vaccine is safe

I’m glad science is back in the driver’s seat. After all, we listen to plumbers for pipe problems and mechanics for car problems. So why not scientists for COVID-19?

Judged by the company we keep

I was reminded of one of my mother’s wise assessments last week while reading about two businessmen from our field who had a problem following rules.
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