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Daily Editors' Notes headshots, July 2019
John O'Connor, VP, Associate Publisher, Editorial Director

The NLRB comes to its senses, finally

Imagine if a person stopped you on the street and said this:  “I want to rob your house. The government says I can borrow your house keys, so hand them over.” Forking over those keys would be just about the last thing any sane person would be inclined to do. But for the past five…
John O'Connor, VP, Associate Publisher, Editorial Director

Ten bold predictions about the year ahead in long-term care

The most dangerous time of the year has arrived. Many readers are in recovery mode right now. Those holiday sugar plums delivered serious body blows. So did the extended conversations with relatives. Throw in the irregular work hours, lounging around and travel time — and many of us are a bit out of sync. And…
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The best columns of 2019

Here are some of our best-read blog posts of 2019. Check them out again, or if you haven’t seen them yet, by all means take a look. These are too good to miss.

Will nursing facilities soon be forced to post prices too?

We are reading and hearing much these days about how skilled care operators need to adapt for future success. Align with healthcare systems, some experts say. Keep residents out of hospitals, others caution. Find a specialized service and be the best in the neighborhood at it, still others advise. Will these and other strategies spell…

The biggest question about PDPM going forward

Having survived the fall 2019 long-term care convention season is no small feat if you’ve been on the road as much as some of the staunch LTC professionals I’ve seen over the past two months. For many, now is the time to get back to work “at home” and prepare for the future — a…
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