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Rajeev Kumar, M.D.

Rajeev Kumar, M.D.

Rajeev Kumar M.D., FACP, CMD, is the Chief Medical Officer at Symbria.

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What’s in a primary diagnosis?

Have you ever walked out of a restaurant after a filling meal with an empty feeling in your stomach? I have. It is the feeling one gets after eating sushi without wasabi, Korean food without kimchi, and Thai curry without hot chilis. While food serves to nourish our bodies, the salt and spice make eating…

Monday morning quarterbacking and the art of the lookback

Fall is here, and football season has returned with much fanfare — quite like the eagerly anticipated arrival of the Patient-Driven Payment Model. Unless skilled nursing Interdisciplinary teams practice good clock management, huddle up often and catch missing information to ensure they beat the clock with a 100% MDS completion percentage, facilities won’t advance from…

Go for an IPA

The PDPM (Patient-Driven Payment Model) will be here quicker than the time it takes for a head to settle on a fresh-drawn pint of beer. But many skilled nursing facilities are still working out their orders. Specifically, they are looking at the kinks in their MDS (Minimum Data Set) process to accurately capture patient characteristics.…

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