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Open wide and listen

Aren’t you glad that when the survey team shows up at your long-term care facility, they don’t horizontally immobilize you, place an assortment of sharp tools in your mouth to prevent you from defending yourself and talk directly into your ear about everything you’re doing wrong?

Gary Tetz

Self-compassion training without apology

Self-compassion isn’t something I do very well. That’s probably because I was born in Canada, and when the doctor slapped my wrinkled baby butt, I said, “Sorry!” instead of crying.  While American children started the school day reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, we stood with our hands over our hearts and chanted, “For the rest…

Sleep like your life depends on it

One thing I’ve learned in my mostly unsuccessful lifelong quest to get enough sleep is that nothing helps more than feeling under pressure to do so. So learning in McKnight’s that extra sleep reduced healthcare workers’ risk of getting COVID-19 was just the incentive I needed.  Actually, not.  Medical research over the past decade or…

No trivial connection

The bar for customer service has been lowered so far over the past year that even the most basic human courtesies seem as though delivered on the wings of angels. When this pandemic ends, the tiniest civilities will mean much more, creating opportunities for long-term care staff and facilities wishing to stand apart.

Lord of the Rings

After mocking wearers of Apple watches not so long ago, citing an annoying interaction that took place in a nursing home lobby, I finally got one myself. I realize this makes me a hypocrite, and I’m completely okay with that.  Like Frodo Baggins before me, I’ve now become obsessed with the rings. If you don’t…

Gary Tetz

Facing a harbor of hell

Ed was only 17 when Pearl Harbor was attacked on Dec. 7, 1941. In fact, he was there that day as a Navy Petty Officer, moving in an open boat between the exploding battleships and plucking survivors out of the water.

Almost done

“Almost done,” the doctor assured me, as she aimed her laser at my right eye. Then over the next 20 minutes, she said it several more times. By then I knew it was all a cruel deception, meant to distract me from the fact that a white-hot beam of light was pummeling one of my…

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