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The Real Nurse Jackie by Jacqueline Vance, RNC, CDONA/LTC

COVID-19, PPE and nurse smackdowns

What’s it going to take for nurses to get a little respect — and the personal protective equipment they need so badly?! I have my ideas.

Oh, those hoarders

Couldn’t they have warned us? No, I am not talking about the COVID-19 virus. I’m talking about those residents who hoard.

The Bucket List

As I sit here and write this blog, it’s my birthday, and I notice that every year my bucket list grows shorter. But I definitely have good ones I still want to do.

Think before you write

I have to ask: Does anyone read what they write before they sign off and lock their documentation anymore?

Reshape for the New Year

Every January 1 the commercials start. How to lose weight, how to eat right, how to exercise, what machines to buy. But, really, what needs reshaping more this time of year?

Come to the table the right way

If we’re not even defining family at our homes, what the heck are we doing around the table at our facilities?

Grateful pumpkins

As we move to the month of November and plan for Thanksgiving at our personal homes and facilities, I have a challenge for you.

Getting nurses to rethink rehospitalization

Shouldn’t we avoid transferring people to the hospital if we can treat them in place? Come on, nurses, stop, take a breath, put on your nurse’s thinking cap.

Who’s at your table?

What if we had a potluck meal and sat down with the people who work with us, no matter what the department, job duty, no matter where you came from or what you believe in, etc.?

When the storm passed, dedication persevered

I can’t help but comment on the incredible dedication of staff members during Hurricane Dorian. Remember that we can, and should, always take the lead in praising staff.


I don’t know if you have seen this hashtag on Twitter. #askingforafriend. It’s pretty funny. It’s a way to ask a question without embarrassing yourself. You know, like, “I’m just asking this for a friend of mine.”

When life work imitates commercial

Have you seen that new commercial for insurance coverage protection from “Mayhem,” posing as a car thief?   A poor guy is at a sporting event and gets notified that his car is being trashed and stolen. He’s so taken aback that all he can do is shriek “What?!” in disbelief, over and over, increasingly louder. …

What we have is a failure to communicate

Recently, I saw a group email pop-up on my computer that basically states that surveyors showed up in a particular building and they may need electronic medical record access, so please stand by.

Documentation nightmares: so noted

The bane of any nurse leader’s existence is reading some of her staff’s notes and just praying a surveyor or lawyer never finds them.
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