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The Real Nurse Jackie by Jacqueline Vance, RNC, CDONA/LTC

The tongue is mightier than the sword

Full disclosure: This blog was inspired by a recent sermon on James 3, which mentions how much damage we can do with what we say. The tongue weighs an average of 70 grams and is 3.3 inches in men and 60 grams and 3.1 inches for women. OK, guys, hold your, um, tongues on what…

The art of correction

I remember the first time I made lemon curd. As it thickened, I asked a friend to taste it. Her reply, “Girl, that is so sour it’d make a pig squeal!”  First of all, why would you give a pig my lemon curd? And why not just say, “It needs some more sugar, honey.”  And…

Leaving a legacy

You can be assured that contributing to long-term care matters. It’s the type of legacy that gives your life meaning and purpose.

What scares you makes you stronger

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook: “Psychologists say go with the choice that scares you the most because that’s the one that will help you grow.” OK, well, I guess most of the time. Unless what you’re thinking of is that time when you wanted to bless out that ex-boss of yours for…

Time for the wide-angle lens

It’s often easy to judge people. We see something from our point of view and pronounce our opinionated judgment.  Sally is so self-centered. She comes in 10 to 15 minutes late every day, and we always have to cover her residents. Mike is so unfriendly, not a team player. He never speaks to anyone, just takes…

Be present to listen

I think one of the greatest tools in our customer service toolbelt is just taking the time to be present and listen to our customers. Whether that customer is our coworker, our resident, patient, family member, whoever.  The problem is, we are too often multitasking to really be in the here-and-now to pay attention. Maybe…

It’s easier to stay warm

I was reminded of something this week that got me thinking: It’s easier to stay warm than get warm. As we just finished wi

Excuse me, what did you say?

Come on, we’ve all done it: misheard a song lyric but proudly sang it out at the top of our lungs.  I still remember Mom at an “oldies” concert where they were playing “Mony Mony” by Tommy James and the Shondells. Mom’s dancing around and swinging her arm overhead like she’s about to throw a…

Just a virtual girl in a virtual world

So, here I am, teaching and meeting virtually multiple times a day. I’m kind of feeling like a virtual girl in the virtual world. I mean, virtual teaching is great as you can reach multiple communities at one time.  And the same with meetings. No one has to travel in, you just meet for an…

Social media: Good vs. Evil?

With all the nastiness that has been in social media, wouldn’t it be cool to see that social media can also have a good side? Good news: We can.

Vaccine conspiracy theories abound

OK, so I am majorly stepping up on my soapbox with this one. I refuse to let the anti-vaxxers win. Not when we have a chance to deny this deadly COVID-19 virus hosts. But, yeah, I am trying to understand the mentality of those that buy into the false rhetoric of this movement. And because…

No more stinking thinking

So, I have been thinking. How do we tee up 2021 with a positive approach, when it hasn’t exactly started off with a bang? Well, maybe it started off with a bang but not a good one.  To be honest, here in Florida everyone and their grandmother buys fireworks and they start at dusk and…

The worst year ever?

Was 2020 really “the worst year ever”? Let’s take a closer look. It might open your eyes.

Depressed, angry and … thankful

Every Thanksgiving it has been my habit to meditate on what I am thankful for. I thought I would struggle this year.

Can we be more?

We all have it within us to be amazing, to make an impression. How are we doing?

The best silly nurse jokes

I bet if that movie “Back to the Future” were real, Dr. Emmett Brown would be saying, “Marty, whatever you do, don’t go to the year 2020!” 

So here goes. And I am begging you, if you have any other good onefs, please add them to the comment section below. Let’s just have a smile for a while, OK?

Can’t touch this or just so gross

I am working on putting together a bunch of infection and prevention presentations and it got me thinking of all the stuff we touch in a day, as a nurse. It’s, well, remarkable.

The brevity of documentation

Is it just me, or is nursing documentation lacking something? I mean, I don’t expect a nurse to write a book, but I don’t want to play Sherlock Holmes when I am trying to read a nurse’s notes, either.   I’m like, wait: The resident is in the hospital so what happened? I don’t think the…

Is this our moment?

I believe that this pandemic has exposed how people really are. Some inspire me, and some frighten me. Ultimately, it is up to us, individually, to define what and who we are.
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