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The Real Nurse Jackie

The Real Nurse Jackie

Be a caddie, not a pro

Jacke Vance Have you ever watched the Masters golf tournament? You know, the guys playing golf in Georgia, trying to grab the green jacket? I think you all know I love a good analogy (not as much as a good cup of coffee, but it’s close). So, if you do watch golf, you’ll notice that…

Ode to The Annual Survey (‘The DON Blues’)

Oh, annual survey,You stress me so,No matter how we prepare,I’ll dread you, though … Despite skills labs, process reviews,And competency checksFor some reason at survey timeI fret a big hex I’ve made my audit list,I’ve checked it twice,And, like Santa …Know which staff is naughty or nice! I keep Tums in my top drawer,Maalox in…

A house divided

When it comes to our jobs as managers and department heads, we can’t hide. Nor can we go left or right. We have to walk that middle line and make sure we build a cohesive team, not do stuff to tear it apart.

Liar, liar, pants on fire

Does anybody remember when you last said the phrase in the title? I bet you said it when you heard something so outrageous that without a doubt you knew it wasn’t true. So why as nurse leaders do we let that kind of stuff slide instead of pointing out the person whose pants are on fire?

Are you a one-person rescue team?

I have heard nursing leaders refer to their nursing staff as their children. I think this can be good if it is in the context that your staff is like family. But I think it can be damaging if you feel you need to “parent” your staff.
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