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Engage in SNF mythbusting

We all know about the rumored, accepted and commonly used practices that relate to rehab in the skilled nursing Facility, but do we really know if they’re valid and supported by a regulation? Yes, speech therapy can be the only skilled intervention for those patients who need it. No, progress is not a criterion for…

The truth behind MLTSS

In studying “managed long-term services and supports” for a law review article, I was struck by the lack of accountability and cost overruns that have accompanied placing the administration of a vital safety net, dating to 1965, into the hands of insurance companies.
Terri Fagan, director of clinical services at Consonus Pharmacy

Opioids and senior care—the ripple effect

The opioid epidemic is one of the most serious challenges this country faces, with far-reaching effects that ripple deep into senior care. By leveraging the expertise and experience of pharmacy partners, facilities can ensure residents receive safe, adequate and effective pain management—which ultimately is the only outcome that truly matters.

Copernicus update! The Earth now revolves around ICD-10 codes

In the past, our skilled nursing world has revolved around a sun of its own, known as resource utilization groups (particularly the lucrative high-therapy ones). Now, however, according to the details of the new Medicare fee-for-service reimbursement model known as the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM), it seems that we’ll soon be revolving around a different sun altogether: ICD-10 codes.

The truth behind understaffing

“The Happiest Place On Earth” is a title self-awarded and held by Disneyland.  With pictures of smiling faces of all ages circulating through ads and social media, it is not hard to see why people view it as a happy place.  Venturing to the other side of the spectrum, you would be hard-pressed to find…

5 facts about Great Place to Work Certification

The Aging Services industry is excited about getting positive recognition for its great workplaces! It’s time… the work that you do is challenging yet rewarding in enriching lives and making our society better.
Martie L. Moore, RN, MAOM, CPHQ

Do you have butterflies or caterpillars on your leadership team?

I was struck by today’s thought for the day: “The butterfly gets all of the glory, but it is the caterpillar that does the work.” It took me back to a conversation I once had with a master gardener. Know that I rarely have conversations with master gardeners, as I am not a gardener. But…

Something for us to chew on

Over my years of working in long-term care, there has always been a challenge providing food and beverages to residents who have chewing and swallowing problems.

The skill behind skilled

So many times, we get questions about how to “skill” a resident. Is she skilled if she’s getting IVs? Is he skilled because he’s getting wound care? What about the resident whose trach is capped? Is she skilled? When the rehab patient reaches the almighty “plateau”, and isn’t getting better, is he still skilled?
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