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How to minimize disputes in SNFs

At first glance the headline strained the bonds of credulity. But there it was, earlier this year, above a story about an 86-year-old and a 79-year-old brawling over a chair before a bingo game in the Canadian nursing home where they resided. According to the account, others joined in, escalating the incident to the point…

Rebuilding retirement

Research and data provided by studies from Mather and other entities help guide our decisions to ensure that our residents live active, engaged and meaningful lives.

Is PDPM the end of DIY therapy?

With so much riding on the move to PDPM, it’s clear why more SNFs are turning to external therapy partners to have their back when it comes to this significant change.

Making email matter

ALL emails are good because communication is good, but some could be clearer and communicate more thoroughly and competently what you want to say.

How telehealth can benefit post-acute care

Specifically with PDGM, starting in 2020, agencies will receive a higher reimbursement rate for referrals that come from hospitals or skilled nursing facilities compared to community referrals such as a physician’s office.
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