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PDPM: Make or break?

Celebrate the demise of RCS-1. It is widely accepted that RCS-1 would have been the downfall of the SNF, would leave our seniors sicker, shorten their lives, and provide an unmanageable system for payment.

The joy of giving

The joy of giving is certainly something that is a topic of many conversations during this holiday season. How often do we hear things like, “It’s better to give than receive,” or “the best part of Christmas is watching the look on someone’s face when they open that special gift.”  

Food offers more than sustenance for nursing home residents

Gathering together, enjoying a meal with others in a welcoming environment provides a sense of comfort and community that not much else can rival. Fulfillment of the senses, an ease of the mind, and peace in the heart – we all deserve this luxury regardless of where we call home, temporarily or otherwise.

The path forward for struggling nursing homes

A convergence of market pressures is bearing down on the nursing home industry. Changing demographics, old infrastructure, new competition, rising labor costs and a plethora of never-ending reimbursement pressures have all battered what was once seen as a business with infinite demand.

A blueprint for curing a nursing shortage

My team and I approached the New York State Department of Health and the Department of Education in September of last year and received approval to develop and start a CNA training course. For anyone thinking about a future in healthcare, this eight-week course is a great place to start. Here’s more good news: It’s free!
Herb Hildebrandt Ph.D., Hl.D. of Trinity Health’s Glacier Hill’s senior living facility

Transformative leadership

 Often managerial decisions are top-down. While that process has its place, an evaluative instrument using specific assessment criteria of an individual, manager or employee, will help pinpoint a communication strength or weakness in an individual.

How to decrease falls

This unique process helps to ensure that the care we are delivering is having a positive effect on the outcomes and quality of life for our residents.

A lack of uniformity plagues arbitration cases

Arbitration is an effective means of resolving disputes. However, judicial response to arbitration has been mixed. While both the United States Supreme Court and federal district courts have resoundingly accepted arbitration, state court response has been less receptive. The result is that there is a lack of uniformity at the federal and state levels concerning…
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