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Cultural sensitivity speeds up recovery

Lovers have long insisted that home is where the heart is. It also may be where the health is. The international journal Building Research and Information published a meta-study in January 2018 examining the relationship between “healing-built environments” and health outcomes. Upon reviewing 127 papers, the authors concluded that the environments conducive to healing share three…

What science can do for seniors

At 1:45 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month, Judy, age 97, is on the move winding her way through her community heading to her favorite activity, Science for Seniors. “I never miss,” Judy, a retired teacher, said. “I come early every month and I talk it up with every new resident. I love…

How to ensure your employees aren’t a threat to HIPAA compliance

Since mistakes by employees are responsible for so many healthcare data breaches, it is critical to consider how to mitigate this risk. If your staff knows the fundamentals of HIPAA compliance and that reporting a violation is mandatory, and if you routinely assess risk and automate as possible, you will greatly reduce your risk of an incredibly costly and stressful breach.

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