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Marketplace Experts

Tackling turnover: How to leverage technology

It’s no secret that retention is an issue in the senior living and long-term care industry and beyond. With the baby boomer generation aging out of the workforce, millennials are projected to make up for 50% of the workforce by 2020. With tens of thousands of jobs to fill, recruiters are relying on this generation and changes must be made to prepare. One major answer to how to recruit this essential population? Technology.

Lance Youles

The challenge of acuity for memory care residents

ADLs are a reliable index of acuity, especially residents receiving Medicare Skilled coverage, those rated as extensive assistance and totally dependent, or those requiring 2 to 3 caregivers for toilet use, incontinence, turning/repositioning, bed mobility, mechanical lifts, and transfers. Night shifts and weekends are the best staffing windows to measure if ADLs are being met.

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