Living Leadership

Living Leadership by Julie Thorson

7 steps to living leadership

When we consistently practice the little things in leadership, the dream big starts to materialize.

On the dock

Who would have thought that sitting on a quiet dock in West River, MD, would have anything to do with leadership? Turns out it’s the perfect place for a transformative leadership experience.

The Walk

Just as many of you experience, we currently have a very challenging younger resident struggling with the impact of Alzheimer’s disease. She has early onset and it has aggressively attacked her. Any sign of the woman she once was is gone.

Zip it already

Unless people ask for advice, we shouldn’t offer it. This is hard. Our instinct is to want to give advice and to be helpful.

Coach ’em up

If you are struggling with offering hope, you may want to consider coaching as a way or tool to do it.

All you need is hope

It’s our responsibility to find a way to offer hope even when the day’s work challenges become overwhelming.

‘That’s what I’m here for!’

When the pressures of this field get to you, the answer is always right in front of you. Keep it in perspective and look to those we serve to brighten our days.

Pressure versus pleasure

One of my favorite quotes from baseball manager Joe Maddon is, “Don’t ever let the pressure exceed the pleasure.”

Would you crash a word diet?

What if every day we were only allotted so many words to maintain a healthy communication style? How would we use those words? Would our word diet change at work?

What do emotions have to do with leadership?

Understanding your emotions has everything to do with leadership. As we grow as leaders, we begin to have a true understanding of our emotions — not only understanding them in the moment but understanding where they come from. This is super hard work, but so worthwhile, and can be the key to unlocking your leadership potential.

Scary times, and I can tell you the worst of it

The bag of tricks long-term care leaders have to fight fears of consists of workforce issues, reimbursement changes, regulatory pressures, and so on and so forth. The list is terrifying, but there’s something even worse to fear.
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