Living Leadership

Living Leadership by Julie Thorson

Running on fumes

It’s important for people to know we are running on empty. We have been. I see it in my teammates, and I see it on the faces of my friends across the country.

COVID confessions

As a leader, especially a leader in our field during this time, feeling connected to others and not alone on an island is more than valuable — it is a lifeline.

The silver lining

I’m 46.  I bet you just thought one of three things.  “She’s still pretty young.” “She’s getting up there.” Or … the third option, “Good for you, but why would you start a blog that way?” The last time my hair was colored was in February. I don’t know the exact date, because back then…

The Forgotten Generation

Heartbreaking decisions, no easy answers, the best of the worst, and lost hope. Welcome to the spectrum of emotions that now fills our days in long-term care

Essential experts

My leadership advice is to go back to the basics: communicate, include, communicate, include, communicate, include — over and over again.

A leader’s focus in trying times

Everyone has an opinion. But what everyone doesn’t have is grace, patience, optimism and strength. As leaders, we must

Simple, yet tough, conversations

There is a conversation lingering for us all right now. We have told ourselves elaborate stories to avoid the conversation all together. This is fascinating to me. In my experience, the most challenging aspect of any work relationship is the conversation that isn’t happening. Last month I shared some big questions to tackle with yourself…

It’s time to truly settle in

This isn’t your typical “read quickly and look away” blog. Today’s leadership blog is meant to make you think, get a bit uncomfortable and to challenge yourself.

Be thankful for those who complain

My challenge to you during this season of thanks is to rethink those times of complaining because we all have them and let’s be thankful for them. That’s right, I said it. Be thankful for those who complain.

Love in leadership — the two absolutely go together!

One of the first lessons someone tried to teach me when I started in this field nearly 20 years ago was “don’t have favorites.” This seemed like such a strange thing to say because I felt myself drawn to certain residents in a way I couldn’t explain. I loved them. I didn’t feel bad; in…

7 steps to living leadership

When we consistently practice the little things in leadership, the dream big starts to materialize.

On the dock

Who would have thought that sitting on a quiet dock in West River, MD, would have anything to do with leadership? Turns out it’s the perfect place for a transformative leadership experience.

The Walk

Just as many of you experience, we currently have a very challenging younger resident struggling with the impact of Alzheimer’s disease. She has early onset and it has aggressively attacked her. Any sign of the woman she once was is gone.
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