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Why seniors need to be in the loop about technology 

In October 2019, a 28-year-old provided yet another reminder of technology’s potential implications for those age 65 and over — or, to be more accurate, his Apple watch did. As detailed by a New Jersey television station, that device called 911 on its own when it detected James Prudenciano and his date, Paige Paruso, had…

Brendan W. Williams, M.A., J.D. President/CEO New Hampshire Health Care Association

Coronavirus sheds light on nursing home underfunding

Why should it take the COVID-19 outbreak for policymakers to pay attention to nursing homes? Last year in the state of Washington, when Medicaid underfunding forced the closure of Keiro Northwest — a 41-year-old nonprofit Seattle nursing home built to serve Japanese-Americans — many policymakers reacted with indifference.  The staff wept as longtime residents, including…

The five big trends affecting all skilled nursing facilities

Skilled nursing facilities across the United States continue to face daunting challenges. The average SNF is only able to break even, reflecting increased competition, upward wage pressure in a tight labor market, and the preponderance of low-paying Medicaid patients. In many regions, operating margins are negative, suggesting that more facilities will soon be forced to…

Gary Tetz

Face touching for dummies

Can you remember a public health directive than “don’t touch your face” that’s ever been more simple, clear and science-based, yet more difficult to execute? I can’t.

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