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Rehab services need to refocus

Rehabilitative care is the answer for many patients who show a change in mobility or performance in daily tasks, pain, and speech- and swallow-related challenges. When properly delivered, therapy intervention can improve quality of life in countless ways.

Therapy documentation: What to know

Did you know that some of the earliest “medical records” date all the way back to around 1600 BC? Those of us who have either been around long enough or know our history recognize that healthcare providers have always maintained healthcare records to one degree or another. With the upcoming new Medicare Patient-Driven Payment Model…

Finding hope in a letter

As a licensed nursing home administrator since 1985, I have had many peaks and valleys in my career! I am happy to report that the majority of my work in the facilities I have had the privilege of overseeing in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts and now Florida has been rewarding and fulfilling. I received the following letter last month that reminded me of why we do our jobs.

Remember when: Reminiscence Therapy

All we have left, Mrs. Kinder, is a brand new Mercedes … We will have to upgrade your rental car this week for free. Is that going to be OK? I laugh out loud and respond, “Of course that is all you have. He would have it no other way.”

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