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Preparing for litigation after COVID-19

Long-term care facilities have been in the fight of their lives – and for the lives of their residents – since March. In addition to the usual regulatory requirements, facilities must deal with COVID-19 and all that it brings, including visitation restrictions, increased infection control protocols, additional reporting, PPE and staffing issues, and compliance with…

Are smart healthcare facilities the wave of the future?

Amid the horrors of the coronavirus pandemic, there was a hopeful glimpse of healthcare’s future. And it came from the very epicenter of the outbreak — Wuhan, China — where in the early days of March, a temporary field hospital was set up, manned entirely by robots. The bots, provided by a Beijing startup known…

Ruth Katz, SVP Public Policy, LeadingAge

Join a national network to fight COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to put nursing home leaders and their staff through the wringer. Across the country, case rates in the general population are rising again. At the same time, the financial survival of many nursing homes is on the line. Some federal provider relief payments will be tied to improved infection control through the end…

A bear of very little brain

I can’t tell you the peace I feel from setting aside the unknowns of the election and the incomprehensible intricacies of delivering vaccines to long-term care facilities to consider our economic future.

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