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Elizabeth Leis Newman

Game theory in long-term care

As many of you know, this is long-term care conference season, which means having a quality smartphone is essentially a must. Since my old phone could best be described as “temperamental,” before I headed to AHCA/NCAL I picked up the new Motorola Moto X Android. This phone is so amazing I keep waiting for it to do my laundry. But in the meantime, it makes it tons easier to shoot off emails, use Twitter, shoot video and edit stories. Most importantly, the new phone has Tetris.

Eleanor Feldman Barbera, Ph.D.

Is your workplace healthy?

I’m a big advocate of taking small steps in the direction of change. Perhaps your organization isn’t in the position of being able to upgrade the health insurance package or to install an onsite gymnasium for staff members. But here are some manageable actions along the road to creating a psychologically healthy workplace.

naviHealth, Health Alliance team up

naviHealth, a post-acute care management company and Health Alliance (a health plan for 300,000 people in Iowa and Illinois), recently announced an expanded partnership that will provide access to personalized post-acute care for Health Alliance Medicare Advantage members.

Clinical Challenges and Renal Considerations in Managing Gout: Part II

Clinical Challenges and Renal Considerations in Managing Gout: Part II – EXPIRED

This is part II of a three-part series of case-based articles on optimal, evidence-based approaches to the management of gout, an inflammatory arthritis that over the past two decades has doubled in prevalence in the United States. Here, management approaches are outlined for a patient with stage 3 chronic kidney disease and hypertension. He presents with an acute gout flare—an occurrence that is becoming more frequent.

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