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Eleanor Feldman Barbera, Ph.D.

Eleanor Feldman Barbera, Ph.D.

Eleanor Feldman Barbera, Ph.D., is McKnight's The World According to Dr. El columnist.

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5 strategies to promote mental health in long-term care

Last week, tennis superstar Naomi Osaka chose to forgo mandatory but anxiety-producing post-event press interviews to protect her mental health. She was fined $15,000 by tennis officials and, after being threatened with expulsion from the French Open, withdrew from the event.  This decision by the world’s highest-paid female athlete has thrust the importance of emotional…

Post-pandemic population may require higher staffing levels

Before the pandemic, residents were admitted for rehabilitation following elective surgery or a health crisis. The rehab residents either returned home or joined the group of long-term residents who had previously arrived in a similar fashion.  Now, as the threat of COVID-19 recedes from long-term care, we are left with empty beds from a reduction…

We’re vaccinated. Now what?

Across the country, long-term care facilities are vaccinating their staff and residents, with approximately 3.1 million doses delivered as of last week and rates of COVID-19 infection in nursing home residents declining for the past four weeks.  This excellent news leads to questions about how the vaccination rollout will impact the daily lives of staff…

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