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Do you speak 2020?

In the course of just seven months, words and phrases have taken on a life of their own. They aren’t just words: They are topics for debate, fuel for bitter arguments, tools for discussion and will evoke emotion in people who might otherwise have been silent.

Running on fumes

It’s important for people to know we are running on empty. We have been. I see it in my teammates, and I see it on the faces of my friends across the country.

The silver lining

I’m 46.  I bet you just thought one of three things.  “She’s still pretty young.” “She’s getting up there.” Or … the third option, “Good for you, but why would you start a blog that way?” The last time my hair was colored was in February. I don’t know the exact date, because back then…

Simple, yet tough, conversations

There is a conversation lingering for us all right now. We have told ourselves elaborate stories to avoid the conversation all together. This is fascinating to me. In my experience, the most challenging aspect of any work relationship is the conversation that isn’t happening. Last month I shared some big questions to tackle with yourself…

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