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Emily Mongan

What were they thinking?

Whenever stories cross our radar involving nursing home staff posting inappropriate videos or photos of residents on social media, as they have frequently in recent months, one question is bound to follow: What on earth were they thinking?

Dr. Eleanor Barbera

7 employee wellness ideas for the holidays (and beyond)

After a staff training on reducing burnout in long-term care last week, a look through the evaluation forms was illuminating. A significant number of attendees — mostly nursing aides, nurses, and environmental workers — wrote that the most valuable point they got from the training was how important it was to take time for themselves, even if it was for just a few minutes.

Gary Tetz

Left with the geraniums

Some things probably shouldn’t require a law. Kittens shouldn’t be water-boarded. Toddlers shouldn’t have to work in coal mines, at least not in the dark or winter. Seniors in long-term care facilities should get some personal attention. But in the Netherlands, legislation is what it’s coming to.

Online Expo, free CE credits around the corner

Providers have an outstanding chance to polish their knowledge and skills in three key areas of long-term care Wednesday. McKnight’s 3rd Annual Fall Online Expo features nationally respected speakers addressing staffing, payment and quality delivery issues. All events, including up to three continuing education credits are free.

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