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Staff Retention

When it comes to staff, sweat the little things

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light many challenges for long-term care providers, but staffing retention continues to remain a top challenge for most organizations. With turnover rates nearing 50%, providers are having to become onboarding experts, but is that where the expertise should be?  Providers should become experts in retaining employees, as the cost…

Eleanor Feldman Barbera, Ph.D.

Employee recognition programs: What works

After Ms. Ryan’s psychotherapy session, I stopped at the nursing station and asked the nurse for the name of her aide. The nurse pointed to a uniformed woman right next to me, who turned and asked me with hostility, “How do you know it was me?” Surprised, I responded, “I just wanted to tell you Ms. Ryan was really happy with how you did her hair today. She wanted me to thank you for her.” The aide appeared stunned. The nurse commented, “We usually expect complaints, not compliments.”

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