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Resident Care

Dr. Eleanor Barbera

How do they sleep at night?

Residents arrive at our doors, with sleep likely harmed by illness and pain, and changes in circadian rhythms. While we can’t alter some of these factors, as care providers we can become more attuned to the importance of sleep for our residents and train our teams to create environments that are more conducive to slumber.

James Berklan

McKnight’s Tech Awards here again to honor you

Hidden gems are often the best kind. They surprise us and keep us hopeful and optimistic for the future. This is how I feel about McKnight’s Technology Awards, the third annual version of which is being sponsored by Tena and started accepting entries this month.

Julie Thorson

Leadership through laughter

I am often reminded how lucky we are to come to work and experience something new, exciting, and fun every day. I’m sure you feel the same way. Our team laughs often, and many times we laugh quite loudly

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