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Skilled nursing facility workers credited with saving lives

State News for August 2017

NEW HAMPSHIRE Skilled nursing facility workers credited with saving lives in fire that injures one, displays staff readiness Two skilled nursing employees were credited with rushing into “heavy smoke conditions” and pulling two occupants to safety at Courville at Nashua on July 2. “They were two maintenance or housekeeping guys who were here on a…

An artistic endeavor

An artistic endeavor

Lizzie Rocco showed little interest in activities after moving to Luther Woods Nursing and Rehabilitation in 2016, save for one thing: adult coloring books.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell

Medicaid pay threat dodged

Providers averted potentially billions of dollars in Medicaid funding losses in July after a Senate GOP healthcare reform bill was pulled from consideration.

Reader poll: What non-textbook advice do you have for a new administrator?

When I teach my students, the first thing I tell them is there’s a tremendous difference between academia and what you experience as an administrator on the job. Number one is dealing with people, meaning the residents, their families and staff. From a leadership perspective, you need to learn to be good listeners. That is a skill that is not taught, but great leaders are great listeners. Number two is factors they have no control over. They have to learn to be adaptable and flexible.” — David Wolf, CNHA, CALA, CAS, FACHCA, Ph.D., Professor, Barry University, Delray Beach, FL

Common drugs hike death risks by 31%

A class of medications commonly prescribed to seniors for conditions such as urinary incontinence might increase the risk of mortality among nursing home residents with depression, a recently published study shows.

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