August 01, 2017 - McKnight's Long Term Care News

Print Issue: August 01, 2017

When the house wins

When the house wins

Whether to bring laundry options in-house brings weighty considerations to many providers, ranging from financial and staffing needs to quality of outside services

McKnight’s blogs named best

McKnight’s editors were honored recently with an APEX Grand Award for their “Daily Editors’ Notes” blog, which appears at

In it for the long haul

In it for the long haul

More than just knee and hip replacements — rehab therapy gets renewed focus as effective treatment for people experiencing chronic, degenerative condition

Department of Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta

DOL drops defense of Obama overtime rule


The Department of Labor’s fight to enact an overtime rule that has caused anxiety for providers won’t be continued by the new administration, according to court documents filed in June.

Gary Tetz

New normal to grasp

Get your life back! Do what you love again! Say goodbye to pain, and hello to a vibrant, ache-free existence!

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