Should I stay or should I go after finally achieving success?

As nurse leaders, we may consider leaving a facility to start fresh with a new organization, often after achieving a herculean task such as earning a citation-free survey or implementing a new system. 

We came, we put in the time, we weathered the frustrations and we created the change that was asked of us — so what’s next? Before you make your next career move, you should identify what drives you and how you want others to perceive you by asking yourself these three important questions:

Are you a problem-solver? Many of us are motivated to fix problems or create positive changes, which we can skillfully implement again with new teams and new challenges. This drives us to move to a different organization where we thrive at improving operations and outcomes. 

Are you a loyalist? Others of us are driven by our connection to our organization. Whether we stay for convenience of location, or dedication to our staff or residents, we find ourselves contented where we are. We choose to stay in the same place where we create continued success throughout the waves of new staff, regulations and challenges, instead of changing positions every few years. 

Do you aspire to lead the leaders? For some of us, we need more than the next big problem to solve. We continuously aspire to reach that next level, taking what we’ve learned in the trenches to a regional or national level to support other nurse leaders.

As nurse leaders, you must remember that success isn’t defined by one accomplishment. Success is defined by continued operational changes that yield positive outcomes. If you choose to move on, remember to move on in a way that enables your facility to sustain the change you created. 

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