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Marijuana compound slows Alzheimer's ... CBO: Medicare spending for 2014 will be $9 billion less than projected ... Former nursing home bookkeeper pleads guilty to embezzling $188,000 ... Lack of naturally occurring protein linked to dementia

When 'Mary Jane' is helpful — but it's not the name of your nurse

When 'Mary Jane' is helpful — but it's not the name of your nurse


A recent randomized trial showed that marijuana extract pills may help some patients with multiple sclerosis. Apparently, body pain, spasms, and other outcomes responded positively to the cannabis pills. However, there were associated side effects.

Buzz kill: Marijuana is not effective at treating Alzheimer's, researchers find

A Canadian study has called into question marijuana's effectiveness as a potential treatment for Alzheimer's disease.

Federal government hampers research on marijuana as pain management medication, news reports find

The value of marijuana as a pain-management medication is still unclear as the government continues to discourage research into the effects of the drug, according to a pair of news items.

Cannabis could help stave off osteoporosis among older adults, new research suggests

New study findings should please aging hippies: Cannabis, the plant that produces marijuana, actually may help prevent bone loss in older adults.