Nurse leaders shouldn't have to ask: Who's your daddy?

I was recently telling a good friend of mine about one of the best job candidate interviews I ever conducted.

Actively honoring those who served

As I reflect on Memorial Day and all those who have bravely put their lives on the line for our freedom, I think of the veterans who reside in our facilities, and how we shouldn't consider them veterans just one day a year.

Are you a one-person rescue team?

I have heard nursing leaders refer to their nursing staff as their children. I think this can be good if it is in the context that your staff is like family. But I think it can be damaging if you feel you need to "parent" your staff.

Way too mathematically challenged

Nursing shortages are nothing new, and they're going to get worse. So why haven't we adopted solutions that other countries have already? There ARE ways to get around this.

Don't let them down

The next time you feel like pulling out your hair if "just one more person puts on that call light," remember that, as nurses, we're No. 1 in the hearts and minds of the public out there.

Ah, spring (cleaning time!)

Sometimes we get so stuck in the mud of winter, get so despondent that we forget that spring is right around the corner. Of course, I am talking metaphorically. Often, we forget that we can make changes — heck, even be the change.

No nurse is an island

Let's face it, healthcare is siloed enough without nurses running around with an "I'll do it all on my own" attitude. Pride is a toxic condition no nurse can afford to suffer from.

Where did all the spoons go?

As nurse leaders/managers, I believe we have to be smarter in what we decide to let go and shrug off, as we might wind up having to do those things ourselves too often.

Sorry, King Solomon, but I don't agree

No matter what your faith, pretty much everyone has heard of King Solomon, son of King David, who was given the gift of wisdom. How, therefore, can I say I think he is wrong?

Antibiotic stewardship — embrace the change

Antibiotic stewardship is a change you need to embrace. You can't just say I prefer it the old way, give everyone an antibiotic who asks for one and that will be that. But I get it. You are willing to change, but sometimes the residents and their families aren't.

The Real Nurse Jackie

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