Sorry, King Solomon, but I don't agree

No matter what your faith, pretty much everyone has heard of King Solomon, son of King David, who was given the gift of wisdom. How, therefore, can I say I think he is wrong?

Antibiotic stewardship — embrace the change

Antibiotic stewardship is a change you need to embrace. You can't just say I prefer it the old way, give everyone an antibiotic who asks for one and that will be that. But I get it. You are willing to change, but sometimes the residents and their families aren't.

We never shut down

As the government shut down over the weekend, it struck me once again: We in long-term care do not close our doors. Ever.

Look on the bright side

You know, it's really all how you look at things. We all have days that stink, but spinning the situation differently can change how we deal with apparent downers.

I heard the call bells on Christmas Day

With Christmas songs still echoing in my head, I bring you original lyrics, with special thoughts of our hard-working long-term care nursing corps in mind.

When will we ever get good press?

You know, a lot of great stuff happens in the long-term and post-acute care setting. But nooooooo, no one ever wants to talk about the good stuff. One bad apple and the mainstream press go wild and we all get the black eye.

Ode to The Road Warrior

Here's an original poem I wrote that hits close to home for so many caregivers. I call it "Ode to The Road Warrior."

Wheezes and crackles and rhonchi, oh my!

Come on, people. We work in healthcare with the oath to protect the people we CARE for. So stop that whining and do what's right.

Nursing documentation does it again

Let's face it. Nursing documentation can get you in trouble with your supervisor, make a surveyor faint, make a lawyer rich or make blog readers laugh. I'm going for the last here. What follows are actual examples I found after a quick search. Honest.

But ... we've always done it this way

Almost nothing burns my cookies more than when someone says, "I've always done it this way," despite having poor outcomes.

The Real Nurse Jackie

The Real Nurse Jackie is written by Jacqueline Vance, RNC, CDONA/LTC, an APEX Award of Excellence winner for Blog Writing. Vance is a real life long-term care nurse. A nationally respected nurse educator and past national LTC Nurse Administrator of the Year, she also is an accomplished stand-up comedienne. The opinions supplied here are her own and do not necessarily reflect those of her employer or her professional affiliates.