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Biodex releases trainer

Biodex releases trainer

Biodex Medical Systems Inc. has launched the Sit2Stand Trainer, part of its Mobility Enhancement family of devices.

Eleanor Feldman Barbera, Ph.D.

Preventing burnout in long-term care

In my recent post, “Stuff I won’t do for residents and why your staff shouldn’t either,” I wrote about the need for individual workers to set appropriate boundaries around caregiving in order to retain the ability to give without burning out. In this article, I examine more closely the symptoms of burnout and ways facilities can reduce its likelihood — which is particularly important given the link between burnout and turnover.

Andrea Swayne

Senior care priorities and questions

Why is there such a divergence in senior care when state and federal regulations are pretty much the same across this great country of ours? I suspect the answer lies in how individual organizations prioritize their spending. We must allot more for caregiver training.

Long-term care providers to pilot new teamwork training protocol

A Medicare quality improvement organization is looking for long-term care providers to pilot its new teamwork training program, TeamSTEPPS. According to the program’s website, it aims to optimize performance among “teams of healthcare professionals, enabling them to respond quickly and effectively to whatever situations arise.”

Heather Haugen, Ph.D.

Simulation: A way to achieve proficiency in EMR adoption

Meaningful use requirements state that physicians must be able to send and receive care summaries during transitions to all healthcare settings, including long-term and post-acute care facilities. So how can these facilities implement an EMR system and then help users achieve proficiency quickly and effectively? The answer lies in role-based simulation.

Eleanor Feldman Barbera, Ph.D.

Is your workplace healthy?

I’m a big advocate of taking small steps in the direction of change. Perhaps your organization isn’t in the position of being able to upgrade the health insurance package or to install an onsite gymnasium for staff members. But here are some manageable actions along the road to creating a psychologically healthy workplace.

Redilearning launches new corporate website

Using exclusive video content to integrate personal and professional viewpoints of senior care experts with its signature Blended Learning Approach, Redilearning’s new website is intended to identify and clarify opportunities in regulatory and operations-assisted online training.

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