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Judi Kulus, VP of Curriculum Development, AADNS

Ask the Nursing Expert about … staff competencies

Is it true that during new survey process, surveyors will ask staff nurses and nursing assistants about their competencies, with questions such as, “Do you receive periodic evaluations on your skills, knowledge, and abilities? If so, how often?” “In what areas have you been assessed?” “In what areas do you believe you need more assistance or training?”

Allison True

Staying focused in long-term care

Political correctness is a concept that has been around since the first activists in the University of Wisconsin Madison added it to our language and our thinking. Inevitably, it reached long-term care as an industry.

Biodex releases trainer

Biodex releases trainer

Biodex Medical Systems Inc. has launched the Sit2Stand Trainer, part of its Mobility Enhancement family of devices.

Eleanor Feldman Barbera, Ph.D.

Preventing burnout in long-term care

In my recent post, “Stuff I won’t do for residents and why your staff shouldn’t either,” I wrote about the need for individual workers to set appropriate boundaries around caregiving in order to retain the ability to give without burning out. In this article, I examine more closely the symptoms of burnout and ways facilities can reduce its likelihood — which is particularly important given the link between burnout and turnover.

Andrea Swayne

Senior care priorities and questions

Why is there such a divergence in senior care when state and federal regulations are pretty much the same across this great country of ours? I suspect the answer lies in how individual organizations prioritize their spending. We must allot more for caregiver training.

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