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Personal Care Attendants add more hands to the frontlines of long-term care

As America’s population grows older and drives up demand for long-term care, nursing centers are continuing their decades-long struggle to fill direct care positions — the qualified caregivers who meet the daily needs of residents. The impact of COVID-19 on staff has greatly exacerbated these workforce challenges. Nursing homes must deal with staff calling out…

Keeping skilled nursing facilities fully staffed amid a triple threat

Caregiving is America’s largest profession and the job role with the widest gap between supply and demand. Four and a half million long-term care workers support individuals in institutions and home-based settings across the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasted a steep rise in that figure because of demographic trends even before the…

Judi Kulus, VP of Curriculum Development, AADNS

Ask the Nursing Expert about … staff competencies

Is it true that during new survey process, surveyors will ask staff nurses and nursing assistants about their competencies, with questions such as, “Do you receive periodic evaluations on your skills, knowledge, and abilities? If so, how often?” “In what areas have you been assessed?” “In what areas do you believe you need more assistance or training?”

Allison True

Staying focused in long-term care

Political correctness is a concept that has been around since the first activists in the University of Wisconsin Madison added it to our language and our thinking. Inevitably, it reached long-term care as an industry.

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