March 01, 2014 - McKnight's Long Term Care News

Print Issue: March 01, 2014

Judith A. Stein, founder of the Center for Medicare Advocacy

Profile: On the side of seniors

For those who work with Medicare beneficiaries, Judith Stein is a well-known powerhouse. Since founding the Center for Medicare Advocacy in 1986, she’s led numerous major cases involving Medicare denials.

Alex Treitler, organization director for spiritual care at AugustanaCare

Dementia-friendly ways to worship

After chaplain Alex Treitler began leading services for people with dementia, he quickly realized things weren’t going well. He says those with dementia found it hard to engage with the “traditional Lutheran communion service model”— and so Treitler, the organization director for spiritual care at AugustanaCare, went to work.

A 100-bed facility should hire three employees for a single eight-hour shift.

Getting the right fit

LTC laundry operations handle thousands of items each week; operations have to be right-sized to protect linens and machines — and the bottom line

Diligent, frequent assessments are critical for discovering early inflammatory response.

Infection detection

Prompt treatment and novel therapies hasten wound healing, but steady (even if slow) is still the overall goal when it comes to keeping wounds free from infection

Things I Think

Shock ’em with action

On a scale of A to 17, with one being “Always” and red being “Parsnips,” how would you rate your experience with customer satisfaction surveys? I’m sure most of you use them, though I haven’t done a survey to back that up.

Steven Littlehale

2013: A survey, review

I always get a kick out of doing my year in review. Did I meet my personal and professional goals? Did our clients improve their outcomes? Were new relationships established and old ones strengthened?

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