Majd Alwan

For more than 15 years, Majd Alwan had a front row seat to an information revolution that has taken big strides toward full interoperability in nursing homes.

The former executive director of the LeadingAge Center for Aging Services Technologies has seen tech solutions evolve to address the dangers of elopement and achieve incredible progress in reducing falls and their catastrophic effects. His writing and prolific work were nearly legendary at LeadingAge, where he authored his “Digital Transformation Guide.”

And so it came as a surprise recently that the Syrian-born biomedical engineer decided to transition to a new chapter in life. It will be one that finds him continuing his passion to find what makes things tick while continuing to improve the lives of an aging population.

His new venture is a consulting and advising business for senior living and care providers called Digital Health & Aging Services Technology Strategic Advisory. Alwan will keep his feet planted near the DC beltway, which continues to be a vital nexus of healthcare policy and high tech.

He said he’ll focus on:

• EHRs in long-term and post-acute care that are interoperable and capable of meaningfully exchanging relevant information with other care partners/ settings in a timely manner, as well as investments needed to make this happen and information flowing bidirectionally among providers.

• Better, easier and more standardized ways to survey, detect infectious pathogens early, report outbreaks to public health authorities, and control and prevent their spread.

• Making telehealth more broadly available beyond the current public health emergency waiver extension.

He told McKnight’s Long Term Care News he also hopes to continue his passion for facilitating connections between innovators and capital funding sources in areas like data analytics, data-enabled care, and AI-augmented solutions that would maximize staff efficiencies, reduce their burdens, potentially improve cost-effectiveness, and revolutionize the way care is delivered in the near future.”