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How to do it … Use tech for resident safety

For an industry that locked down but never shut down, long-term care achieved remarkable success navigating an unprecedented pandemic. Months upon months were governed by restriction, fears and trauma. Now comes another really hard part: Finding ways to allow residents expanded movement while still maintaining safeguards for those at risk of elopement or undesired wandering.

How to do it … Antipsychotics management

Long-term care providers have made great strides in reducing the use of psychotropic medication among residents. But once COVID-19 hit, some resorted to dispensing higher levels of these meds to address higher incidences of anxiety, fear and other psychological trauma caused by isolation and death. While many observers believe these trends will begin evolving back to previous levels, there are takeaways no one should ignore. Experts offer advice here.

How to do it … Borrow in a pandemic

Owner-operators will soon be confronting thorny financial questions as they emerge from the fog of the pandemic. How should skilled facilities prioritize spending? As one banker observed, the capital markets for skilled nursing may not have returned to where they were before COVID-19, but both debt and equity are available for operators who can prove their clinical expertise.

How to do it … Save skin from incontinence

Even with the best of plans and good briefs, ancillary products can play a major role in incontinence care. But caregivers need to do their homework. Taking the appropriate time to make wise choices can make all the difference in outcomes, experts remind.

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