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Diary of a new hire

While employee retention is always a top priority, operating in a pandemic intensifies the urgency to hire and maintain competent, committed staff. Since the first three months of employment are particularly vulnerable (according to turnover statistics), it makes sense to look closely at a new hire’s experience during that time to ensure you’re cementing the…

Nancy Anderson, RN, MA, Senior Vice President of Engagement Solutions

There is a way forward

In a crisis, people generally take one of two paths. Some go down the pessimistic path of fear and helplessness, assuming a victim mind-set. Others take the optimistic path of resilience and a “we’ll get through this!” attitude. Right now, in the midst of this pandemic, employees are watching leaders very closely to determine which…

Identify YOUR rising stars

I was so inspired this summer as I read the biographies of all the McKnight’s Women of Distinction. Likewise, the incredibly talented Rising Star honorees sparked feelings of pride and optimism. Think about it: All of these women began their career journey somewhere. Many started as direct care and service providers or frontline supervisors in…

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