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The CNAs are coming: Are you ready?

It is doubtful that the framers of the constitution, when they drafted the First Amendment, had any idea that ensuring the “right of people to peaceably assemble” would include a virtual Zoom meeting where the assembly appears on hundreds of computer or phone screens. It is also equally doubtful the framers could have imagined that…

Lori J. Porter

‘Fresh meat’ for the workforce … really?!

I was speaking to a group of certified nursing assistant during a session on turnover. The meeting was a hoot, and one CNA in particular shouted, “You are right! You are SO right!” I felt validated by her excitement after I noted how we often run off new nursing assistants by the way we treat them. But then it went bad.

Lori J. Porter

National Nursing Assistant Week: A time to say ‘thank you’

A person must know their own value. As we pay tribute to our women and men who serve on the frontline of long term care, keep in mind the best way to communicate how you feel about them and their service is to stop a CNA in action this week and look them in the eye and say, “I know I don’t say it enough, no one possibly could, but you matter and you are a valued part of this team!”

Lori J. Porter

A long-term care hero

Early in my career, I met a long-term care role model who changed my attitude. I’ve held up her service as the best example of how one person can influence an entire nursing home.

Lori J. Porter

CNA speak: Take time to learn the language

In my 32 years of careful study regarding the divide between administration and certified nursing aides, I have learned many things. One of the most important discoveries is that there are two separate languages spoken between administration and CNAs.

Lori J. Porter

Who wants to be called a worker?

I have always welcomed change, as I truly believe that growth and progress require it. So, why do I have such a hard time embracing an occupational title change for certified nursing assistants? I guess it’s because of the suggested titles and terminology.

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