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What the fires can’t destroy

With a pandemic continuing unabated, and now hurricanes, floods and wildfires ravaging large swaths of the nation, I don’t know how many more apocalyptic horsemen the long-term care profession is slated to face or can withstand.

Gary Tetz

Put on a Stoic face

It seems like every third word I write these days is about the importance of masks. This has clearly become an obsession, and I need professional help to break it.

Exhale, with love

How are those masks working out for you? My glasses are as perpetually fogged as a car windshield after prom, and I do enjoy sounding like Charlie Brown’s teacher.

Quoth the Raven

I consider it an ominous omen. Yesterday on my walk, I was attacked by a crow — three times. Or it might have been a raven. I can’t tell the difference.

Gary Tetz

America’s nose swab

I’m in the club now. I got tested for COVID-19, and the experience was exactly as disconcerting as feared. The man in the mask, gown, gloves and face shield brandished a swab that looked long enough to roast a marshmallow over a campfire. He deftly snaked it up my nostril, through my brain and out my ear.

Gary Tetz

Indispensable lifelines

This horrible, no good, very bad pandemic that’s keeping family members and long-term care residents apart is also strengthening their connection with staff in new and gratifying ways. That’s my observation, at least, gained through a video conferencing window into daily nursing home life.

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