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Lord of the Rings

After mocking wearers of Apple watches not so long ago, citing an annoying interaction that took place in a nursing home lobby, I finally got one myself. I realize this makes me a hypocrite, and I’m completely okay with that.  Like Frodo Baggins before me, I’ve now become obsessed with the rings. If you don’t…

Gary Tetz

Facing a harbor of hell

Ed was only 17 when Pearl Harbor was attacked on Dec. 7, 1941. In fact, he was there that day as a Navy Petty Officer, moving in an open boat between the exploding battleships and plucking survivors out of the water.

Almost done

“Almost done,” the doctor assured me, as she aimed her laser at my right eye. Then over the next 20 minutes, she said it several more times. By then I knew it was all a cruel deception, meant to distract me from the fact that a white-hot beam of light was pummeling one of my…

Gary Tetz

Infection control forever

By all accounts, flu season is off to a low-key start. In long-term care facilities, that’s a silver lining in all our COVID-19 protocols and precautions. For staff who have been swaddled in PPE for the past nine months while dutifully practicing social distancing at homes, it’s a richly deserved bonus prize for vigilance.

Salvation by social media

I always thought it was only good for destroying the world, but now I’m here to boldly predict that social media will ultimately save us.  After the horrors we’ve been through these past few years with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you probably didn’t see that hypothesis coming. But here’s how it’s going to happen: by…

Gary Tetz

Just a box

It’s just a box. Not that different from the one that will probably show up on your doorstep or mine today, maybe stuffed with holiday gifts or toilet paper. So why am I feeling a little choked up standing here staring at it?  This wave of sudden emotion makes no sense. Usually I associate a…

Gary Tetz

Moment of truth

Now that vaccines really are imminent and long-term care staff and residents look to be first in line, you’re probably holding your breath, desperately longing for an answer to the most important question of all: What does Gary Tetz think I should do?  That’s completely normal. I’m what the kids call an influencer, so it…

At last, a wisp of hope

Gather around, dearly beloved long-term care people. Let’s have a little talk. I’m looking at all of you, in every facility role — the whole heroic and beautiful group. We’ll meet in the parking lot, where it’s safe, and I’ll climb up on this rickety med cart, so you can hear me better.

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