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Better than bees in your eye

Those adorable flying insects buzzing around and bringing cheer to your long-term care facility right now? A new study reveals that they’re probably infested with and spreading terrifying superbugs.

Murder, they spoke

Like a real-crime podcast about murder. That’s the way we need to tell the story of our long-term care staffing or funding woes if we want anyone to actually pay attention.

Gary Tetz

Behind the chins

The adorable old folks sat in a circle, exhibiting varying levels of cognition, alertness and physical decay. A kind lady walked around the room offering juice and snacks.

My high-sodium epiphany

In long-term care, we deal with the unexpected all the time. Many of the people we serve are there because something unanticipated happened, crashing into their lives like a no-warning tsunami — or a tamari bottle falling from the sky.

Gary Tetz

Some needles of joy

My acupuncturist might be the most joy-filled person I’ve ever encountered. Her joy radiates and envelops, filling the room with a contagion of positivity.  Even the fact that she’s wielding sharp objects destined to cause me pain doesn’t seem to reduce her joy-scattering capabilities. My mood still improves whenever I’m in her presence. It’s a…

P is for ’possum

After receiving a flash of unexpected insight straight from the universe, I can finally say definitively: The P in PDPM is for ’possum. And, yes, there’s a story to tell.

Doing the Jellyfish

While walking the beach this morning, on the Atlantic Coast where I’m taking an alleged vacation, I happened upon a marooned jellyfish left high and dry by the receding tide. Just a lifeless, weirdly beautiful blob of 95% water slowly evaporating in the sun. My first thought was, “Yeah, I’ve felt like that.” Maybe you…

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