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Things I Think: Playing favorites

Over the years, I’ve had my favorite senior care residents. Many of them. Anyone who works in this profession probably has some too.  I’m particularly drawn to those who are funny, optimistic, resilient, articulate and who smile a lot. No surprise there, as those are areas in need of frequent augmentation in my own life. …

Things I Think: A cow in every lobby

Every nursing home administrator probably has a favorite story of a resident whose state of health and happiness was transformed by experiencing the unconditional love of an animal. It’s universal, like the healing power of music. Usually it’s joy-dispensing dogs or cats that wander facilities, though I’ve seen a llama led from room to room…

A gentle slap on the wrist

I choose to believe I have friends, and chatted with one of them recently in the lobby of a nursing home. I felt the conversation was going extremely well. I listened attentively, and contributed interesting nuggets and wry witticisms on various long-term care topics.  Every non-verbal body language signal she sent supported my perception of…

Better than bees in your eye

Those adorable flying insects buzzing around and bringing cheer to your long-term care facility right now? A new study reveals that they’re probably infested with and spreading terrifying superbugs.

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