Poisonous dining experience legal?

In our long-term care and senior care world, we get tagged if our residents' dining experience simply does not meet their expectations. But apparently, there is a federal loophole that allows poisons in our foods.

America's finest people

Here we are again, with another record-breaking snowstorm ... when the word SNOW is a four-letter word and just hearing it brings many of us to our knees (often to throw up in a panic in the bathroom!)

Profit over public health — again

With a lot of controversy, the 2016 Dietary Guidelines have just been published. Unfortunately, they constitute a slap in the face to the brilliant and hardworking 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC).

'Twas the week after Christmas ...

'Twas the week after Christmas, just leaving the home. I steered for my latte, light on the foam. The traffic was tough, so I drove with great care — in hopes my caffeine-fix soon would be there.

The 'Icky' Dickey Amendment — our problem with gun nuts

I have a riddle for you. How many young adults are in long-term care facilities because of gun violence? The answer: No one knows because there is a ban restricting federal funding for gun violence research. It's ridiculous.

Not going to say that any more

With Thanksgiving just past, I realize how thankful I am that certain people and situations have helped me adjust my attitude at various times. I'm talking differently, and I definitely have changed my outlook on life this year. Let me explain.

No stopping me from bringing home the bacon

One thing you can say about working in long-term care is that as long as the population keeps aging, we're pretty much guaranteed to be able to find a job. Yep, we can keep bringing home that bacon. Notice we don't say "bringing home the salad" for a reason.

Rudeness kills -- like, literally

Maybe a blog about killing your patients right after Halloween is an appropriate topic. After all, that would make a pretty scary movie, right? But this isn't some scary movie. It's true.

A vampire walks into an ER ...

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I thought this story is apropos. Especially since most nurses don't question the situations that walk into our workspace. At all.

TSA screening could lead to colonoscopy

With all the fall healthcare conferences and other things we travel for this time of year, you might want to pay special attention to this blog!

The Real Nurse Jackie

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