But ... we've always done it this way

Almost nothing burns my cookies more than when someone says, "I've always done it this way," despite having poor outcomes.

So worth it — you better believe it

Sometimes you have to invest your time and work for what is worth achieving. Not everything, even in this day and age of instant gratification is going to come easily. And this includes many of the new skills we are going to have to learn to evolve with the changes in healthcare.

Observation overload

OK, so any nurse reading this will probably relate, but we are so used to observing our patients/residents that we tend to "over observe" when not at work.

A solar eclipse of the heart

As Bonnie Raitt's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" was playing in my head for the days leading up to Monday's solar eclipse, the national news of hate and division that's been inundating us took on a new meaning to me.

Life is like an apple

Have you ever contemplated on an apple? Not the tech stuff but the fruit.

Magical moments

I am not sure we can create magical days for everyone in our long-term care facilities (though I have seen downright miracles for some short-term rehab patients!). But I do think we can create magical moments by adopting some of the Disney customer experience culture to create magical moments.

At home from minute one

Let's face it: While some of us may be great at welcoming new residents, most of us are checking off our regulatory boxes and inventories and documenting.

Holy lost childhood memories, Batman!

I am sure many of you heard that the first media Batman, Adam West, passed away on June 9. I feel like some of my childhood passed away with him. You see, he made an immense impact on pop culture at the time.

Happy Birthday, Donald Duck! Your care plan is ready

Donald Duck officially turned 83 years old on Friday, having been "born" in 1934. I have to wonder: If he were in a long-term care facility today, what would his person-centered care plan look like?

Multiplying your influence — what it means to mentor

Becoming a nurse manager doesn't just "happen." (It's not like, "Poof! You're a DON!") Someone took the time to mentor the nurse manager and train her to develop into the role.

The Real Nurse Jackie

The Real Nurse Jackie is written by Jacqueline Vance, RNC, CDONA/LTC, a 2012 APEX Award of Excellence winner for Blog Writing. Vance is a real life long-term care nurse. A nationally respected nurse educator and past national LTC Nurse Administrator of the Year, she also is an accomplished stand-up comedienne. The opinions supplied here are her own and do not necessarily reflect those of her employer or her professional affiliates.