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Resident choice improves dementia care, experts say

Care providers need to offer residents with dementia meaningful roles in creating their own care plans, experts advised Monday at the Pioneer Network Conference in Rosemont, IL.

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Dementia residents and caregivers say invest in direct care, not research: survey

Most people with dementia and their caregivers would rather have funding go toward resources in short-term and long-term care settings rather than research for a cure, a new survey has found.

Smokers with migraines have increased stroke risk: study

Regular smokers who experience migraines have an increased risk of stroke, according to study results published in Neurology.

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1 in 5 U.S. adults live with a disability, CDC says ... Rhode Island and CMS team for new dual-eligibles project ... CMS tool addresses needs of LGBT residents

Court upholds NLRB union 'ambush elections' rule

A U.S. district court has dismissed a lawsuit aimed at overturning a National Labor Relations Board rule that could speed up union elections.

NY nursing home goes to court over alleged abuse cover-up

Employees of a New York nursing home, including its owner and a nursing home administrator, appeared in court last week on allegations that they covered up resident abuse and neglect.

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Nursing homes have become the targets of a number of negative advertising campaigns, especially by predatory plaintiff attorneys seeking to alarm family members.

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Guest columns Georgia enhances advertising protections for LTC

Georgia enhances advertising protections for LTC

Guest columns Nursing homes need infection prevention education

Nursing homes need infection prevention education

Guest columns Healing practices for nurses in LTC

Healing practices for nurses in LTC

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Shared Decision Making in Managing Idiopathic and Neurogenic OAB

Shared Decision Making in Managing Idiopathic and Neurogenic OAB

From the September 2014 issue of Renal & Urology News: Data suggest that clinicians often fail to communicate adequately with patients to select individualized therapy. Along with the prevalence of overactive bladder (OAB) and the frequent failure of initial therapy, this points to the need for urology specialists to heighten their diagnostic acuity for idiopathic and neurogenic OAB and its comorbidities, and to strengthen their ability to communicate with patients to individualize treatment, improving efficacy, safety, and adherence. This article includes examples of actual patient-clinician videos and excerpts of faculty discussions.

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