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Lowering rehospitalization rates a focus at Online Expo

Lowering rehospitalization rates a focus at Online Expo

While providers have made some progress with reducing rehospitalizations, the era of managed care organizations and better hospital partnerships means new strategies are needed. Attendees at the McKnight's Online Expo this month will learn nursing practices to reduce rehospitalizations and attract partners during the Quality session.

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New Medicare ACO to be unveiled soon

The government's top health insurer has announced that providers could get a first look at a new type of Medicare accountable care organization this month. It has been modeled closely after a controversial managed care program and includes new waivers for skilled nursing facilities.

Controversial Medicare auditors group changes name, website

A Medicare payment watchdog group saddled with huge case backlogs and heavily criticized for causing delays in resolving reimbursement issues has changed its name and location on the web.

Fasting — with limits — may be linked to longer life, less disease, researchers say

Periods of fasting could be one way to sidestep some chronic illnesses such as diabetes, and add years to one's life. Meanwhile, consecutive daily fasting supplemented with antioxidants could actually hinder those perceived benefits, University of Florida researchers said Friday.

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It might be a good time for LTC job seekers and managers to think about heading to Alaska. Or Hawaii. Or South Dakota.

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Engaging LTC residents

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Advocating for those who need us

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Modeling work/life balance

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Preserving Cognitive Status in Elderly Surgical Patients Requiring General Anesthesia

Preserving Cognitive Status in Elderly Surgical Patients Requiring General Anesthesia

The elderly brain is more vulnerable to the adverse effects of surgery and anesthesia compared with the younger brain. Both anecdotally and in clinical investigation, the elderly surgical population has been found to exhibit a significantly higher prevalence of postoperative cognitive decline. The most common manifestations of this decline are postoperative delirium (POD) and postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD).

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