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Facts, not anecdotes, must guide long-term care policy

An oft-repeated canard that bedevils advocates for facility-based care is the assertion, by an organization that peddles Medicare insurance products, that “90% of people don’t want to be in a nursing home.” We live in a post-factual world, where even facts are dismissed as “Fake News,” and people consume information through the biased filters of…

Trump’s proposed budget is an attack on Medicare

In March 2015, President Donald Trump, on Twitter, stated, “I was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid.  Huckabee copied me.”  Looking for New Hampshire votes at the time, canvassing a state with the second-oldest population, Trump went on to win the Granite State’s…

2020 race could focus on LTC

We have come a long way from when a Democratic president, in signing Medicare and Medicaid into law, stated: “There are those alone in suffering who will now hear the sound of some approaching footsteps coming to help.”

The truth behind MLTSS

In studying “managed long-term services and supports” for a law review article, I was struck by the lack of accountability and cost overruns that have accompanied placing the administration of a vital safety net, dating to 1965, into the hands of insurance companies.

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