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Wound Care

Clinical Briefs for Wednesday, November 13

Flu shot may protect heart bypass patients during recovery … New device can “spray paint” drug-imbued fiber bandages on wounds … Less affluent patients more likely to be discharged to SNF after hip replacement … Project that fulfills end-of-life wishes found to be affordable, sustainable

Dressed for success

Dressed for Success: Wound care dressing options have exploded, but deciding which material is best for which injury sometimes is an elusive quest for providers. No more.

A few years back, Mary Madison’s husband developed a pressure injury caused by sitting for long periods behind the wheel of a city bus. Her many years as a long-term care director of nursing and most recently as clinical consultant for Briggs Healthcare taught her one thing in this instance: Those types of wounds should…

Researchers bubbly over new approach

A new technology shows promise in using microscopic bubbles filled with oxygen to help wounds heal faster. The method would allow doctors to inject oxygen “nanobubbles” intravenously so they can target wounds or cancerous tumors with precision. The bubbles enhance the delivery of other therapies, said Pushpak Bhandari, founder of Samara Biotech, a start-up affiliated…

Exofin Fusion

Skin closure system debuts

Chemence Medical Inc. announced it has received Food and Drug Administration clearance to market and sell Exofin Fusion®, a new skin closure system for medium to large wounds.

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