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James Gauss

All over the map: Factoring geography into board diversity

Long-term care and other healthcare organizations are looking to diversify the membership of their boards of directors, and rightly so. Increasingly, diversity is a cornerstone of board health and success. It is critically important that trustees offer diverse and distinct viewpoints, as well as represent the varied constituencies which they serve

Medical device tax could affect long-term care supplies

A medical device excise tax scheduled to hit Jan. 1 is causing uncertainty among manufacturers and providers, a healthcare expert recently noted. The 2.3% tax will affect sales of Food & Drug Administration-approved devices that are used by a physician or in a physician’s office.

Knowing when it’s time to go

Retirement is not for everyone. Exhibit A is my father, who enjoyed retirement from being a school superintendent for about five minutes before he became a part-time consultant. Exhibit B is a long-term care executive I know who will be carried out on a gurney before giving up control of his domain.

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