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Gary Tetz

Over the falls

Here’s how yesterday felt in my endless pursuit of long-term care-related service and perfection. As challenges multiplied, I’m pretty sure I was strapped inside an old wooden pickle barrel, pushed into the middle of the raging Niagara River and carried over the falls.

Eleanor Feldman Barbera, Ph.D.

Preventing burnout in long-term care

In my recent post, “Stuff I won’t do for residents and why your staff shouldn’t either,” I wrote about the need for individual workers to set appropriate boundaries around caregiving in order to retain the ability to give without burning out. In this article, I examine more closely the symptoms of burnout and ways facilities can reduce its likelihood — which is particularly important given the link between burnout and turnover.

Tim Mullaney

Four tips for relieving stress in long-term care

Stress is hurting the job performance of a huge number of people in this country — and long-term care workers are among those at greatest risk. At least, this was suggested by poll results released Monday. The findings indicate that facilities would be smart to proactively help staff manage their stress. Here are four strategies to consider.

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