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Emily Mongan

More proof that laughter is the best medicine

Improvisational comedy may not be among your facility’s go-to lineup of activities, and understandably so. But the same reasons that make improv scary to some — I know, I’ve done it — may bring benefits for older adults, including (but certainly not limited to) increasing socialization and helping prevent dementia

David Trescot

Videos can increase senior socialization

Many seniors are intimidated by technology, particularly those over age 75. An estimated 72% of adults in this age group do not use smartphones, laptops, tablets or similar devices. We may ask, ‘How can this be when technology is all around us and so much a part of everyday life?’ But for many ‘non-using’ seniors their reasoning tends to be that they can’t learn technology, it won’t benefit them, and it’s too complicated to bother with.

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