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Omnicare and McKesson expand agreement

Omnicare Inc. and McKesson Corporation have signed an expanded agreement to include the sourcing and distribution of branded, specialty and generic pharmaceuticals.

For many docs, ambivalence about taking gifts starts early

For many docs, ambivalence about taking gifts starts early

The stereotypical law student’s first day is summed up as follows: Students think they are entering the field for the public good while their neighbors are in it for a hefty paycheck. A study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine indicates that medical students have a similar experience and found that while students and residents felt confident they could accept gifts from the pharmaceutical industry and remain unbiased, they couldn’t say the same of their peers.

Robert Kerr

Embracing new technology

It is no secret that the long-term care industry has been a relatively late adapter of technological advancements. But interest from vendors, provider demand and a growing number of tech-savvy residents are helping to change the landscape.

Covidien to spin off pharmaceuticals unit

Covidien plans to spin off its pharmaceuticals division into a separate company. The independent division can better compete in the growing pain-management area, the company announced. The drugs division generates more than $2 billion in sales each year. Among its products are Exalgo, a 24- hour extended release opioid, and Pennsaid, a topical anti-inflammatory medication. The company’s medical products business has annual sales of about $9.6 billion, according to the firm.

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