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Clinical briefs for Friday, Sept. 25

Music program guidelines for dementia caregivers published … CDC chief: 90% of Americans not yet immune to COVID … Statins appear to reduce COVID-19 severity, likely by removing cholesterol … COVID incidence skewing younger, feds find

Emily Mongan

A milestone for Music & Memory

With how much positive press and research surrounding the benefit music can bring to people with dementia, it came as somewhat of a shock to me to find there had never been a nationwide study of the Music & Memory program — until now.

Don’t pump up the jams: study

Playing music too loud, or even just in the background too much, could impede seniors’ ability to remember simple concepts, including names.

Gary Tetz

Amazing Grace Superstar: The great question of sacred or show-tune music

Nothing is clear these days — in long-term care or life. Everything’s brutally ambiguous. We’re living an endless good-news, bad-news life loop, where all the things we think are good for us will eventually also prove our demise. Coffee. Chocolate. Wine. They’re our salvation, and our downfall, so it’s impossible to know what to think or do. About anything.

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