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Linda Arters, public and media relations consultant

Managing the media

The death of a California woman not given CPR at her independent living community was a teachable moment. I know you are reviewing the operational end and facility policy. But you also must evaluate your crisis communications plan.

Handling your PR crisis

A few months ago, I called up a nursing facility that was embroiled in a legal snafu. I’m not sure I was able to utter an audible response to its marketing representative since I was busy hitting my palm against my forehead.

Frustrations of a persecuted provider boil over

Frustrations of a persecuted provider boil over

What happens when a government and society create an evil enemy of the state? They begin by calling them monsters, a drain on society that is guilty of heinous crimes, and they use the legal system and media to prosecute them publicly without due process. You have all seen the headlines about nursing homes. The TRUTH never seems to matter, only the synthetic story.

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