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Carrie O'Connell

Interoperability is more important than ever

While hospital administrators or doctors may say that a note is a note, an assessment is an assessment, or a chart is a chart, they aren’t acknowledging the uniqueness of the post-acute care environment—for example, how charts get audited is a completely different process, which means the information needs to be documented differently.

CMS announces rehospitalization initiative participants

‘Observation status’ provision under further review

The American Health Care Association on Thursday applauded a House measure that would inform Medicare beneficiaries of their observation status as hospital inpatient or outpatients. But that might be little consolation for skilled nursing facilities that face the prospect of not getting reimbursed after such observation periods.

Provider groups push for RAC reform

Hospital industry groups said Thursday they’d rather the government reform the Recovery Audit Contractor program than simply throw more money at fixing an onerous backlog of more than 800,000 Medicare appeals cases.

Stephanie Anthony, J.D., M.P.H.

This year holds promise for post-acute care

Hospitals traditionally have viewed a patient’s discharge as the endpoint of their care responsibilities. In reality, hospital stays frequently are just one step in ongoing episodes of care. Ensuring a smooth transition from acute to post-acute and long-term care settings is critical to achieving optimal health outcomes, as well as preventing unnecessary hospital readmissions and emergency department visits.

Median cost of a private nursing home room now exceeds $87,000 a year, Genworth survey finds

Post-hospital care spending jumps

Medicare spending on nursing homes, home medical care and other outside care will increasingly come under the government microscope according to a Kaiser Health News/Washington Post report. Widely varied care, additional services and costs from state-to-state have drawn the attention of regulators.

Carol Levine

When two midnights doesn’t equal three days

Hospital observation stays have been increasing, as have Medicare auditors’ denial of claims related to short inpatient stays on the basis that they should have been counted as observation stays. Observation stays often causes headaches for long-term care administrators and frustration for families.

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