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CMS Requirements

When CMS gives you a gift, pay it forward

This week, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services presented some 2,500 nursing homes with quite a gift: an additional seven days to avoid a fine for missing a new vaccination reporting deadline. Who says regulators are all about meting out punishments? CMS has yet to postulate publicly on why so many nursing homes (about…

Clinical briefs for Monday, April 12

Mild COVID in low-risk healthcare workers: 1 in 7 report lasting symptoms … Up next: CMS moves to mandate staff vaccination reporting during public health emergency … Healthcare workers upbeat about future while facing psychological effects from pandemic, survey finds … International panel on long-term care reflects on balancing public health, infection control priorities

Nursing homes struggling with nuances of federal visitation policy

A week and a half after nursing home operators across the country learned they could open their doors to visitors, many are still grappling with the nuances of new visitation guidelines issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Representatives from LeadingAge and other national stakeholders met virtually with CMS earlier this week to…

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