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Certified Nursing Assistant

Personal Care Attendants add more hands to the frontlines of long-term care

As America’s population grows older and drives up demand for long-term care, nursing centers are continuing their decades-long struggle to fill direct care positions — the qualified caregivers who meet the daily needs of residents. The impact of COVID-19 on staff has greatly exacerbated these workforce challenges. Nursing homes must deal with staff calling out…

A blueprint for curing a nursing shortage

My team and I approached the New York State Department of Health and the Department of Education in September of last year and received approval to develop and start a CNA training course. For anyone thinking about a future in healthcare, this eight-week course is a great place to start. Here’s more good news: It’s free!

Lori J. Porter

CNA speak: Take time to learn the language

In my 32 years of careful study regarding the divide between administration and certified nursing aides, I have learned many things. One of the most important discoveries is that there are two separate languages spoken between administration and CNAs.

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