As leaders, we’ll always have to think of ways to keep our employees happy and engaged. However, in the wake of COVID-19, we see a clear trend in today’s employment landscape: It is very much a job seekers’ market. Facilities are struggling to fill open positions and critical roles and get their operations back to running at full potential. But job candidates aren’t rushing right back to work. They’re using their newfound leverage to be more selective about their options.

An employer of choice stands out among the competition by offering unique benefits beyond surface-level promises. In this episode, we’ll examine the trends, challenges, and opportunities facing long-term care leaders to find top talent and keep them engaged. After listening to this McKnight’s Market Leaders podcast with Jason McGovern, director of business development, WorkSync, you will walk away with practical things you can do as a leader to make your workplace a draw for employees and a place to stay for the long haul.