McKnight's Long-Term Care News, April 2019, page 41, Vendors, Bill Miller

WellSky bought Health Care Software Inc. last month, reflecting the Midwestern technology company’s drive to build in the post-acute care sphere.

The company is “aggressive” in increasing its width and depth, said CEO Bill Miller. The “width” reflects how WellSky understands patients are moving through different settings, Miller told McKnight’s. That means not only long-term care, but home health, hospice, transfusion centers, respiratory services and more. 

“HCS was really important and added the psychiatric piece that we had not necessarily touched,” he added. HCS Interactant® is a platform for patients with complex needs, and HCS, based in New Jersey, has clients in long-term acute care hospitals and inpatient psychiatric facilities, as well as nursing homes and senior living. 

Providers also want systems to be able to provide more options, whether in compliance, security or additional data. Adding components that provide value for customers, such as revenue cycle, reflect having “analytics that are germane,” Miller said. 

WellSky, which bought Blue Strata EHR last year, understands that “skilled nursing is a hard business right now,” Miller said.

“We want to be a company that not only understands those business challenges, but in the development of our software show that we are anticipating how to make the right thing the easy thing to do,” he said. 

WellSky plans to continue making strategic acquisitions, Miller said, noting that in the past 18 months the company has doubled revenue and tripled its employees.

“I think the name of the game is to grow organically and really listen to our clients,” he added. “We intend to compete on price and value. We understand the cost pressures and compliance pressures.”