April 1, 2019 - McKnight's Long Term Care News

Print Issue: April 1, 2019

Gary Tetz

Things I Think: Everybody hurts, everybody cries

I doubt the R in R.E.M. stands for rehab, but that rock band spoke truth with the song, “Everybody Hurts” in 1992. Experiencing physical pain is clearly disclosed in the fine print of being human, and I’m convinced understanding that is what makes a good therapist.

How to do it … High-quality food service

It’s easy to find a quality food service company in long-term care. But that’s only a start. Experts say the key is to stretch the contracted food service dollar by paying greater attention to what makes most programs excellent: high-quality food and service. For those unable or unsure about taking the leap, here are some soup-to-nuts ideas to ensure your residents come back for seconds.

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