October 01, 2013 - McKnight's Long Term Care News

Print Issue: October 01, 2013

Gary Tetz

Meds in a cupcake

If you’re weary of pursuing constant improvement and innovation in long-term care, take inspiration from Burger King.

Christine Cassel, M.D., president and CEO, National Quality Forum

60 seconds with … NQF leader Christine Cassel, M.D.

Q: You’ve been at the National Quality Forum since July, bringing deep experience in geriatric medicine to the work of creating and reviewing quality measures. What measures do you see on the horizon for long-term care?


» Alana Healthcare has continued to partner with skilled nursing facilities in the Southeast as it transitions from a durable medical equipment supplier to a healthcare management company. Its chronic obstructive pulmonary disease program has helped SNFs reduce hospital readmissions 73%, according to the company.

John O'Connor

This gift has kept giving

A notable anniversary took place when the Social Security program recently turned 78. People often disagree about how well this program has worked and whether it should be allowed to continue. But any provider who sees the program as less than a blessing sorely needs to stop looking into this horse’s mouth.

KY helping Trilogy grow

Trilogy Health Services, which operates 76 senior living communities in the Midwest, is looking to expand its headquarters to support significant growth.

AHCA's David Gifford

Facilities approach 15% goal for antipsychotics reduction

For decades, many providers have viewed antipsychotic drugs as a necessary evil for treating residents with dementia. But increasingly, these medications are just being seen as evil. So it’s hardly a surprise that the government and the long-term care field are praising notable progress toward reducing their use by 15%.

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